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General Chat Thread, Watford v Reading - ghost goal in General; Video wouldn't slow the game down. Use it for three things. Penalty or not, red card or not, goal or ...
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    Video wouldn't slow the game down. Use it for three things. Penalty or not, red card or not, goal or not.

    If someone claims a goal, stop the game and check. If not, goal kick. If the other team is countering, the ref can decide if it's a genuine appeal or an attempt to break the flow of the game. If the ref/linesman claims goal, check the video. If it's a goal, carry on. If not, goal kick / corner depending.

    If a penalty is given, check the replay before taken. If it wasnt a penalty, award either a corner (if the ball was won) or a goal kick (if it was just a dive / collision)

    With red cards, have the 4th official watching the video. If he sees an incident, he can buzz the ref who can come and see. If the ref blows for a foul, he can check the video before the free kick is taken.

    It'd add seconds to any decision. Football's already semi-slow restarting when the ball isn't in play. It's amazing when you check the "ball in play" stats for games. Usually around 60-70 minutes i believe? It's only if it broke up play and was used for every little incident it'd get in the way.

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    I completely disagree. The game is spoilt because of the players. No other reason. Your talking about bringing a technology in to solve a problem that hardly exists.

    It isn't very often that the referee's/linesmen get the decision completely wrong. I say let them do their job the way it has been done for over a century. I play Sunday football and the ref does get it wrong at times, especially for offsides as there are no linesmen. We just get on with the game. We don't give the ref stick and throw our dummies out the pram.

    Maybe it's time to blame the players rather than the referee's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hightower View Post
    But why? It's funny how the sport managed to survive the last century without camera's and bad decisions instead. So what if it's the 21st century? Some things are better left untouched and I believe this is one of them.
    Well of course its survived but its only recently that fans (and managers) have had access to multi angle and slow motion replays. Years ago, a bad decision could be suspected but not proven so everyone just got on with it.

    But if you're going to use technology for the viewers, and you know mistakes are going to be analysed, then introduce at least some technology for the officials - like there is in almost EVERY other sport

    And like it or not, the game at the highest level is worth big money, a bad mistake can cost a team millions through no fault of their own.

    I wouldnt want technology replacing much, and mistakes are part of the game, but decisions like Saturdays are just ridiculous (and also ones like Roy Carroll dropping Pedro Mendes's shot 2 yards over the line) and could be easily rectified

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