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General Chat Thread, Car engine problems... in General; didn't think so....
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    didn't think so.

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    Sirbendy: The zetec engines do use a distributorless ingnition system, but I can't remember if they use four seperate coils or two in a unit with HT leads. I'll look it up in the book of lies tonight, the prob does sound similar to an alfa problem with spark plug tubes filling with water and causing the HT leads to short out. If you feeling brave you could take the coils/ht leads off and check if any water or oil has made its way down to where the plugs sit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crc-ict View Post
    I don't think petrol engines have either of these parts do they?
    No they defo dont have glow plugs and im pretty sure EGR is only on Diesel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirbendy View Post
    good point on the coilpack. Aren't they "wasted spark" units?

    Weak spark on Cyl2 could indeed be coilpack related...or HT lead indeed.
    The coil pack is simply a way of removing the distributor cap and all of its nasty moving parts from the equation. Instead of having one main inverter coil to provide the current to each plug via the distributor each plug is wired directly to its own smaller coil. As these individual coils are smaller and under less load they can react more quickly and precisely, usually lasting longer than an older inverter.

    I think that the wasted spark units are something along the lines of a large capacitor at the end of the arc path that can return some of the energy back into the coils making the system more efficient. Not 100% on that though.

    As to the leads they can also fail in interesting ways, if they have got too hot the conductor can fracture, this can on occasion cause the lead to be fine at a normal temperature like when being tested but fail when under load and heated up.

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    Petrol lumps get EGR as well, or certainly did...supposed to (IIRC) drop the combustion temps.

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    An update: After earlier suggestions, I've been out for a long drive... it was very lumpy all the way to the nearest long dual carriageway and didn't like it as I accelerated up the slip-road... However, I got it up to 70 (and a bit ) for several miles then turned round and came back again.

    It has been driving like normal since, but the engine's still hot. I'll see what it's like tomorrow from cold. Fingers crossed.

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