Doubt anyone will want these, but worth a go.

We've just installed a load of Dell Optiplex 755's, but they have gone into integrated desks - eg the desk has a fixed arm for the monitor, so we are left with 30 screen stands we have no use for.
Im going to keep a few for spares, but aside from those the rest will end up in a skip, which is a disgusting waste considering how solid and sturdy they are.

So has anyone got some Dell monitors with broken stands? lol

Not sure which monitors they fit, but most 17" Dell ones seem to fit it (possibly even 19" do)

They're similar to this: Dell Stand monitor 17 inch TFT Flat screen on eBay, also, Monitors, Computing (end time 01-Oct-08 22:52:42 BST)
Except instead of the rounded base, they have a 2 pronged base, the newer type.

So if anyone wants them, they're free!