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General Chat Thread, So, how's your Summer going in General; Originally Posted by beeswax This is not so much what we have to do, and what we have achieved so ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by beeswax View Post
    This is not so much what we have to do, and what we have achieved so far, as what you do with contractors who say they'll turn up at 09:30am Monday, but in fact don't show their faces until midday Wednesday.
    I've had the opposite problem. I've been alone in school, the caretaker's been on leave. Still I've got contractors turning up unannounced expecting me to sort them out, give them access to areas, tell them what jobs need doing.

    They turn up with no appointment and give me awkward looks when I can't help them.

    Besides that, I've got a lot done. Now I'm off for two weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric_ View Post
    • Still making virtual machines, with sporadic periods of shouting at the distributor (who will remain nameless for now) who has still not swapped these incorrectly delivered parts

    Still waiting for parts and the Summer is almost over! Oh how you will chuckle when I tell the story and name the distributor. Of course the distributor probably won't chuckle when 8000 EduGeek members specifically ask not to use them.

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    8 working hours to go (7 if you exclude the lunch hour) until I'm off till September 1st

    It sounds such a long time away!!!

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    just had a new three-phase ups installed for feeding the server rooms - consumer unit, switched isolator, vertical pdu's...the works....it looks fantastic.

    All i need now is a couple of metred PDU's and to get some bod in to sort out the earthing/bonding of our kit, server racks and overhead cable baskets. But that lot can wait until next year.

    Everything else i need to do for septemeber?, well let's just say it's going right down to the wire.

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    Well, my summer is very tranquil. The reason for that is that my bully of a line manager has given my job to the out-sourcers. I've had my second breakdown since June 2006 and I'm pretty sure that they'll try to fire me soon. Apart from that, everything's great!

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    My summer has been pretty good just got back from two weeks paternity leave after my wife had our second daughter.

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    My summers gone fairly well, we've reimaged and recabled our media room

    Ran network cables to a near by classrooms

    PAT tested 1 building

    Dismantled about 8 blackboards (not our job but hey the maintenance guys are useless and we needed them down in time for interactive boards to go up...that clearly makes it our job :/)

    Setup new iSCSI eonstor in place of the old one and setup the old one with 2TB of space for media storage

    resetup the DFS as it was seeing various strange issues

    Generator for our server room going in this week

    And about 100 other little jobs that arent really worth noting here as it would take me all day to think of them

    Overall we're on top of everything, could possible do with an extra 1/2 week or so to get everything ship shape but what can you do eh?

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