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General Chat Thread, Job Evaluation - Bury in General; Just thought I'd inform the forum with what was on the local news last night. Yet another Job Evaluation where ...
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    Job Evaluation - Bury

    Just thought I'd inform the forum with what was on the local news last night.

    Yet another Job Evaluation where the workers are unhappy.

    Council workers facing massive wage cuts (From This Is Lancashire)

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    It unnerves me somewhat when they keep bandying around the term 'equal pay for equal work'.
    I had a brief about the equal pay review because I come under the HAYS system and essentially we were told that we would probably face a pay cut because our jobs which required years of training, unpaid overtime and a high degree of technical competency should be held in the same light as a care worker or street sweeper. I've nothing against those jobs, but what is the point of of aiming higher when you simply get dragged back down because the unions think that our skills are the same as theirs? Thyere were many accountants and legal people in the briefing all getting paler and paler as the speaker went on. It's all very communist if you ask me.

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    Unfortunately Chris the perception of management towards IT support, especially in education puts us on the same level as most casual workers, our skills are not recognised as such and often the work and skill involved to achieve a resulting system is also not understood. Its interesting that a thread Geoff posted on sometime back directed me to a document produced by your LEA that put school network managers in the same pay band as a photocopier/reprographics operator.

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