Some to watch when you get a spare moment...

Keith Barry performs some amazing magic tricks at the TED conference:
Keith Barry: Magic @ TED

Tired of waiting for car manufacturers to come out with an electric car? A CNN report on electric car owners who built their own:
DIY Electric Cars

A dive from a helicopter into a lake by world champion Orlando Duque:
Helicopter Diving

The 'Fuel Vapor Car' does 92mpg and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 5 seconds - a fuel sipping miser that handles like a supercar:
The Fuel Vapor Car

Why everyone needs a dog: Have some fun with this clip:
Why Everyone Needs a Dog

Interesting talk by renowned physicist Michio Kaku on extra-terrestrial intelligence and physics. Nine very interesting minutes!!
Michio Kaku on Physics and Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence