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General Chat Thread, Holidays in General; It's finally here. After a fun-filled term of doing 2 jobs I have finished the majority of my hand-over to ...
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    It's finally here.

    After a fun-filled term of doing 2 jobs I have finished the majority of my hand-over to those picking up the pieces of me going off for a year to the LA. I still have stuff to go through with my NM and his team but nothing that can't wait for a fortnight. When I get back I have a few weeks of tidying up the last of the school stuff (mainly boxing up the office) and then I start officially at the LA office on 1st September (and most EG stuff stops for me other than BETT and the next conference).

    My better half gets back from a family funeral later today and so my net access is purely going to be for the odd game ... no email ... no usenet ... no EG or other forums.

    A fortnight of relaxing, a bit of decorating, traveling around the country to catch up with a few friends and to see a few sites. The work phone will be off (Used for the school, the LA and for EG) and email turned off on the crackberry. The laptop purely used for music and photos and the odd organising of trips. I managed a week last year ... let's see if I can do 2 this year.

    See you all in a fortnight. I hope those of you taking similar breaks have fun.

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    Take care Tony, see you soon.

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    Hope you have a great time Tony, I myself have just returend from a week of holiday and must say it was amazing fun and a great time, just need another week of relaxation now!

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    Take Care Tony Want some photo's of the amazing places you go and visit

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