anone heard of this any good/ views and comments

I would like to take the time to introduce Compuweb and Spectorsoft.


Compuweb is the sole distributor for Spectorsoft in the UK, after working for a number of years with Schools and Colleges we have identified the Spectorsoft product as having a place in both the educational and Home environment ensuring duty of care can be achieved while using PC's and Laptops.

The Spectorsoft CNE package works in conjunction with existing security and virus programmes and assists Schools, Colleges and Universitys in meeting your duty of care requirements as outlined by Ofsted and DfES.

Spectorsoft CNE has assisted Schools and Colleges with anti-social issues like:

* Bullying
* Racism
* Violent conduct
* Truancy
* Drugs
* Inappropriate behaviour

Key benefits of the Specter CNE product are:

* Disables web access during classroom periods, based upon school timetables or individual requirements
* Alerts the ICT administrator of improper activity occurring during lessons and school hours
* Monitor and record all website usage
* Monitor and record all email activity and email attachments
* Monitor and record all chartrooms and messenger activity i.e. MSN, Yahoo, AOL
* Monitor and record all illegal activities such as file sharing and removal of School data by external USB devises
* Monitor and record all software or viruses loaded from a USB device
* Record's all programmers utilized on a School IT Asset, including games, music players and files and Microsoft applications
* Detect keywords or phrases which are detrimental or alarming, and cause undue pressure on Pupils and Staff

Additional Benefits

Teaching Aid

+ Record pupil interaction with an IT Asset
+ Unique video playback of pupils interaction of a specific work task during lessons
+ Allows teachers after classes have finished to evaluate ICT work done in a particular lesson by pupil
+ Provides the School with vital data on progress made in cases of children with special needs

The Spectorsoft client runs in the background on the IT Asset and will not affect the performance of the PC/Laptop; it cannot be detected and is secure.

Please find attached a document that provides more information on the benefits of the solution and also details on the license key that can be activated for a free 14 day trial.

I will call you in a few days to discuss the solution in more details.