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General Chat Thread, All Power to the mighty Scot in General; I reckon Murray will take the third set and then get hammered in the fourth....
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    I reckon Murray will take the third set and then get hammered in the fourth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    I was riveted last night

    I had to go to a meeting starting at 8pm and was convinced Murray was going to lose. I was amazed, when I put the car radio on, to hear that they were about to start the 5th set!

    Murray does need to do some work with the crowd. Nobody minds Scots being ferociously Scottish. However if you want the support of the Great Britain, it is better not to alienate a large percentage of the population (i.e. the English). If the English can get behind Germans like Becker and Stich there is hope for Murray; but he does need to be careful about what he says and how he says it.

    He's not a firm enough crowd pleaser to get away with 'tongue-in-cheek' comments yet!

    I'm British and, as such, I shall be supporting Murray on Wednesday! (Nadal's better looking tho' )
    I don't mind, never have done, that he speaks his mind or he his deliberately belligerent....but i do agree with you that he needs to back up the bravado with atleast a semi-final appearance or two - otherwise it's just a lightweight, injury prone whiner who's not as great as he thinks he is, he does have to back up that slightly prickly nature with results....

    I don't believe he should work on getting the crowd onside....
    The great players never gave a toss about getting the crown on side as it were, Safin doesn't give two s**** about the crowd, mcenroe never gave a toss about the crowd - i bet he got cat calls even in his home slam the US open when he would go off on one....the truly charismatic players just went out there to play and be themselves - and invariably they'd win, quite often lose...but the crowd always loved them and appreciated them. Goran was just Goran, Boris was Boris, Mac was Mac. What the crown really wants is for the real Andy Murray to step forward. The whole fist pumping 'C'MONs' is fine if your leyton hewitt, but is that really what Murray is about ??? To me he's more a throwback to a more genteel era of tennis both in temperament on the court and in his strokeplay.

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