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General Chat Thread, USB Turntable in General; Originally Posted by Friez I've used Numark TTX1's and they randomly sped up / slowed down the records when I ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Friez View Post
    I've used Numark TTX1's and they randomly sped up / slowed down the records when I used them (like as if I had moved the pitch slider waaaay up and back down again). This happened to me in the middle of a mix and threw me into a major clang, never used them again.

    I did say that anything with the torque of Technics or better can be used for scratch DJing, I didn't say they're the be all and end all. But as far as reliability goes I have yet to find a pair of turntables that are more solid than Technics. That said, I've not tried Vestax 150's so will reserve judgement on them!
    Yep, agreed one the TTX1s thing. My mate has, well had, some. At first they seemed great but like the TT1s which came before them they just cant keep time. Wave anything electrical around my Numark TT1s and prepare for a trainwreck! lol

    Ive had my stantons for what, 4 years now and they are still perfect. Obviously there are people who have had their 1210s for 15years+ so only time will tell if the 150s hold up.

    I didnt go down the CDJ route, i went for this ScratchLIVE.net About Scratch LIVE and have never looked back. All the advantages of CDJs, without the disadvantage of less feel, and at less than half the price tag

    Next up is a new mixer as my Pio 707 is pants. Why oh why cant pioneer make mixers with good sound quality? Well they can now but ill be dambed if im spending going on a grand on a mixer! Any recommendations?>>
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    I got myself CDJ's and the Technics, mainly because it is far cheaper for me to burn a CD of my own stuff and mix with it than pressing a vinyl / getting a dubplate cut. I can mix reasonably well with both although they both have their different feel.

    The real advantage of using CDJ's (beyond being able to copy your own music) is portability. It's far easier to smuggle two CD's onto a plane for a 'quick' gig in Japan than a bag full of 12" :P

    I've not used any Pioneer mixers, use vestax ones myself. Depends what you want out of a mixer, do you do a lot of scratching? Do you need effects? What are your requirements?

    Anyway, still don't know what they're trying to acheive, they might not even be wanting to mix at all
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