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General Chat Thread, Just noticed it's Friday 13th in General; Originally Posted by googlemad . . . people actually signed off the system well in advance (Makes a change!) I ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by googlemad View Post
    . . . people actually signed off the system well in advance (Makes a change!)
    I don't believe that, its Friday 13th something has gone wrong and people can't login you just don't know it yet

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    Are the BBC being funny or have these actually happened on the 13th;

    Runaway tube train on a 13 minute journey - BBC News - Runaway train on London Tube's Northern Line
    13 year old gets hit by lightening at 13:13 - BBC News - Boy struck by lightning at Lowestoft air show

    Dun dun duuurn!

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    I realized it was Friday 13th as I was boarding the 'plane for my flight home. Sure enough, tragedy struck. There was no ice for my Martini!

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    Well I didn't even spot this, and don't think the others I was with did, maybe thats why it kept chucking little showers at us in London to remind us it was Friday 13th. Then again an engineering train buggered up the Northern Line for about 80% of the day Grrrr!

    Oh wait a second, that Tube Story is what I was meaning as I was on the tube that day and was told about an engineering train, in-fact myself, Dos_Box and Ric_ commented how long does it take to remove a broken down train when they were still going on about it 4hrs later!
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