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General Chat Thread, Live Video Delay in General; This thread is a little old, but please see the following Video Delay system for Sport which is exactly what ...
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    This thread is a little old, but please see the following Video Delay system for Sport which is exactly what you describe. It's certainly not free, but it saves a lot of time and effort trying to build your own system.

    Camera -> variable delay Line -> Monitor. All mounted on a portable and easily assembled tripod.

    Simply switch on the power (Battery, with charger or Mains), adjust the camera with the delay switch = Off, then switch the delay on - that's it. Once set up you just switch on and adjust the camera and Zoom in/out to get the best image.

    See - EchoMotion - Video Delay

    The heart of it is a hardware PAL/NTSC Video Delay line with a 16 way switch that allows the delay to be adjusted to the maximum. The maximum depends on which system you buy, 15,30,60 or 120secs. This will be available seperately if technicians need to use existing equipment in school sports department.

    John Allan
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    Hey, this thread was old but the problem has new solutions! It's all summarized below.

    I found free software for both Mac and Windows that can show your webcam feed straight back to you with adjustable time delay. It's really useful for quick video feedback! No need to record/search a video, just do it with always-on real-time delay.

    1. Mac: "Live video delay" Live Video Delay | Zach Poff
    (not available for windows) This software is really simple, it delays the video from your computer-attached camera or built-in webcam by any adjustable amount. That's it. Brilliant. This is all I need, but I don't own a Mac.

    2. Windows: "Kinovea" Kinovea
    (not available for Mac) Kinovea is a free video player for sports training. Their tagline is "A video player for all sport enthusiasts. Slow down, study and comment the technique of your athletes or of yourself." The newest version allows adjustable real-time delay to your video, but you can even draw on the videos to highlight good/bad technique etc. If I understand this right, they're freely distributing an open-source software while outdated competitors are selling $1000++ systems bundled with bulky external cameras and monitors. All you need here is a laptop with a built-in webcam, and camera/monitor upgrades are up to you. Sports enthusiasts are awesome. Did I mention it's free?

    3. Record in any streaming video format (e.g. wmv) and you can open the file for playback while it's still recording. This was mentioned earlier in this thread. This option is easy if you are too lazy to install any software at all But the whole video is constantly being saved to your hard drive, so you'll run out of space eventually.

    I've waited a few years to find these solutions, so I really wanted to share. I hope others find these useful and go on to improve themselves with live video feedback. Happy training, or whatever else you need this for!

    all the best,

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    Thanks for resurrecting this thread, after the Olympics and the revival of competitive sport in schools Sports Analysis in schools is going to be a big thing and these ideas are terrific and needed a refresh.

    Obviously in the PL we use professional systems and the data taken from these is used by the Performance analysts & Sports Nutritionists to set training schedules and even adjust the diets of the players.

    Performance monitoring through video capture is huge in soccer and most team sports, and increasingly so for individuals in T&F and is a career path for many talented sports graduates whatever your sport maybe.
    We have two full time video analysts.

    I think it's fantastic that we have talented PE teachers using IT in such a manner and full credit to those here on Edugeek for creating solutions to make it possible on tiny budgets.

    For what it's worth most of the PL Pro's use the Canopus hardware for the VideoCapture stage as it seems to work well with their software but we recently switched to these devices,
    Buy Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle from the Smart DV LTD online shop
    Our media guys use them so they can quickly connect almost any video source to the PC and capture/broadcast in realtime.
    At less than £150 it provides a simple solution to getting cameras connected to all sorts of Video Applications.
    We have streamed live football matches from Asia using this box an HD camcorder, laptop and a 3G MiFi....

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