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General Chat Thread, blackberry recomendation in General; ended up with an iphone in the end.. love it!...
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    ended up with an iphone in the end.. love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PEO View Post
    Now then

    Im after a blackberry... I see this dude on the train every morning doing his emails etc Basically im sick of my rubbish LG viewty and want a propper Geek phone.

    Any recomendations? also will they work on '3' network?

    cheers gang
    I swear by blackberry's the new 8900 curve is the best out at the moment as some of the new ones are touch screen and they are a right pain in the arse!

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    I have the Blackberry Curve 8900 and its BRILLIANT!!!

    I have always loved smartphones, especially HTC Windows Mobile phones and the G1.. but the blackberry just seems to work perfect for me! Warning tho, it is very addictive especially when u install twitter berry lol

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