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General Chat Thread, old equipment donation to kids - disclaimers? in General; We've just had some good news from one of our parent academies, who are reaching the "IT Stock turnaround" point ...
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    old equipment donation to kids - disclaimers?

    We've just had some good news from one of our parent academies, who are reaching the "IT Stock turnaround" point that they have every 5 years...we're running kit that's a good 7-8 years old or in some cases, even older. We've got to run it into the ground because when we move to our new site (12 months), it'll all be freshly equipped with new kit..so no point in buying any new kit for here now.

    They've come up and offered us a mass load of their "old" kit..P4/3ghz Dells, TFTs etc. Which is ace, because we can now retire the aged kit, and replace it. HOWEVER, the aged kit IS running perfectly OK.

    So..here's my query for you all...if we wiped the retired kit, and decided to make the old kit available to some of the kids for home use.. how would we go about the whole "not our fault if you blow it up/it kills you" regulations..?

    How do you all do it? It's useless for a domain almost, but for basic home use it'd all work quite well..and quite a few of our kids have no computer at home, so it'd be nice to offer them these. It's just all the legal discalimer hoopla that's offputting..

    Any guidance?

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    I just asked this same question under "Policies".

    Apparently all we need to do is just PAT test the equipment to make sure its safe.

    With the computers, I shred the hdd with symantec ghost gdisk then its up to the receiver to buy windows or install linux.

    Hope that helps

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