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General Chat Thread, Driving Economically in General; You actually consume a lot more fuel, and you are much less environmentally friendly, if you are in a high ...
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    You actually consume a lot more fuel, and you are much less environmentally friendly, if you are in a high gear (fourth or fifth) at a low road speed (30 mph or less). That’s because the throttle opening has to be wider to address the imbalance between the inappropriate gear and your speed. More fuel is admitted into the manifold and the engine, and the result is that you tend to increase your road speed. But, if you select a more responsive gear (third) for the same road speed (30 mph or less) and you use a “light right foot”, the throttle opening will be narrower and less fuel consumed.
    Source: IAM Fact Sheet 16/001: USE OF GEARS AND ADVANCED DRIVING

    There is obviously no firm "You must change from x gear to x+1 at y speed", as all types of engine are different. In some cars with small engines fourth in 30mph is fine, but if you're in a larger engine car it could be stuttering.
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    I have hit 140 twice before, both times as part of police escorts ... it took considerable flashing to get the lead car to slow down. Under escort I was happy to do 100 but anything higher than that is not worth the risk. The lead car always has clear information about the road ahead and things are put in place to stop people getting in the way (advance lead car helps) but too often you get the eejits following after you in your wake, trying to jump traffic.

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    That sounds a good job, I always thought escourting vehicles and stuff would be boring but doing it police style and hitting those speeds would be great as you are A being allowed to do it and B with police support and of course if you were the rear vehicle or a middle one you would know the road ahead was clear so it would be, to a point, safe to do those speeds, fine still not as safe as half them but safer than you trying to do it on your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechMonkey View Post
    Ohh how are you finding it? I'm thinking of going along the same route. The bike is fab for just me but long journeys and passengers need something else. Haven't found any long term reviews and am abit worried about the stereotype about french car build quality.

    the bike is a great comfort on fuel though. At the moment about £15-£18 fillup and getting anywhere between 144-175 miles Plus tons of spg's
    Well I can only comment on owning a C3 for 6 months, or rather 2 C3s as my wife bought one at the same time.
    The build quality inside is very good with the outside looking fine. The panels on a citroen don't seem as sturdy as my old astra but I think this helps with the economy as it is a much lighter car. Plus my astra was knocking on a bit so was probably carved out of one piece of oak.
    It's fantastic on fuel with me getting over 650 miles on about £50 which seems much better than my old car.
    I was worried about the citroen reputation but I'm glad I bought it now.

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    I just bought an 06 fabia estate 1.4tdi becuase we wanted to save on fuel and everyone saying how reliable skodas are.

    Fuel economy is good about 400 miles on £40 of expensive diesel at the moment.

    But it's currently in the garage having a new turbo fitted.

    I may have looked at the C3 had I seen that website before.

    Oh well nevermind.


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