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    Card holder protection. Is it worth it?

    Ok, a few years ago I was signed up for a cardholder protection thing for 3 years which would cover all my cards, driving license, NI card etc. I paid £35 for 3 years cover which I thought wasn't too bad for that sort of piece of mind. One call apparantly and all the items that were registered could not be used any more inc credit cards, passport etc. It also gave me cover if my items were used for fraudlent activity either online or on the highstreet.

    I just recieved a reminder for this through the post. Back in 2005 i only paid £35 for 3 years cover. Now they want to charge me £70 for 3 years!! I do like the peace of mind having this protection but does anyone know of any alternative protection programs which are just as good and/or cheaper than the Barclays one.

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    Do you have household insurance?

    My bag got knicked from the local swimming baths at the end of april and my contents insurance forked out for new driving license and other cards.

    I have a feeling the bank cover me for anything that gets charged to my cards if they're knicked but i got them cancelled within what we assume to be an hour of the bag being taken.

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    Well thinking about it logically, it isn't a requirement by law to carry your driving license or NI card, so you could safely leave this at home. In the event you were pulled over by the police and asked to produce your driving license, you have something like 3 days to check in to your nearest police station.

    Your NI isn't much use to anyone. If I was to put down your NI number on a application form (for example) all contributions would be made to your pension!

    And as for fraudulent transactions online, I thought banks by law refunded customers who reported such transactions when paying by credit card.

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    All I can say is shop around, there are card protection policies out there that start from as little as £15 per year, First Direct are offering it from £20 pa and some banks like HSBC are offering 3 years for £50. Have a word with your bank, they may have a similar offer for you.


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