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General Chat Thread, Losing......will.....to......live in General; I would like the holiday time!! I get some but then the caretaker and the premises manager is trying to ...
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    I would like the holiday time!!

    I get some but then the caretaker and the premises manager is trying to kick me out asap so they can finish early, I then dont get the time I need in.
    Dont think manglement see the need for me to be here. We have 350 machines and I got 4 servers, projectors etc..
    Result is lots of machines that need updates etc.. and some are down during term time as I am rushed off my feet sorting various (thats what you get for doing yourself to save school cash and not getting onsite cover) stuff out and development work takes forever. Trying to implement joomla,email etc. at the moment but time to do it is hard to find (normally like 3.30-4.30 when im half as sleep)

    To give you an idea what im up against with manglement, not suprising though - I had to configure some outlook clients to talk to LEA exchange server so it was just a matter of typng in the server name and a quick test, simple.
    When we decided at a meeting to implement curriculum email they said "so you just need to do what you did with the other machine" (referring to the outlook setup). I laughed and said no we need about 1500 quid for a server.

    Got assistant tech but get a new one most years and it takes me around a year to get them up to a reasonable level where I can leave them get on with things (oh and the laptop trolley, dont ask).

    "Losing......will.....to......live" too right but opposite of you im afraid lol not much recognition in this place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MK-2 View Post
    our sports hall is alarmed, and the caretakers are probably at the pub.

    but the wii idea is good. we used to do friday after school playing on the 72" promethean boards. id love to try on the one in our hall, about 25ft sq with rear projection. might just hafta go for it
    we have our uses :-)

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