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General Chat Thread, Worst week of your life? in General; I don't have anything for myself to touch this but my fiancee certainly does. Dad dies of cancer after a ...
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    I don't have anything for myself to touch this but my fiancee certainly does.

    Dad dies of cancer after a protracted fight... He was blad on top but the melanoma developed where he had hair and it wasn't spotted until it had spread something vicious.

    Not long after her one true friend and quite possibly the guy who would have been marrying her in another life, was out with a group of mates.. There were five of them and the cab could only take four so, he said he'd walk as he wasn't far... he wasn't drunk or stupid... Walked along the road and a van driver not only ran him over but left him there to die. The excuse in court was that he'd thought it was a ghost so ignored it... For some bizarre reason the court believed it was valid given his cultural beliefs so he got off scott free...

    Then to top it all off she keeps it together long enough to find out that her mother who had breast cancer, a mastectomy and beaten it, had found a new lump... That's when she broke a few years back.

    Since then life has looked up and she still amazes me, even now.

    Me? I managed to jump out of a burning building Xmas Eve in Montreal and lived to tell the tale... Like that was even close a bad day... Life is just so much sweeter as a result.

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    Dad had brain haemmorhage and collapsed in Edinburgh, on first day of our holiday in South of France. I flew there... but hubby had 4 days driving with 2 young children
    Dad died 2 weeks later.

    Shortly afterwards husband was made redundant and my school (not the one I'm at now) went into Special Measures... a summer I'd like to forget

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    There are times that I have thought I have had a bad week ... but I just think back to my Dad telling me of when he was based in Singapore and he used to come across people whose family had died, lost limbs as they tried to make ends meet, overcome struggles ... and still got on with life and building fresh each time.

    In the words of Bill Bailey, "Some people ask me if I am an optimist ... I say 'I hope so!'"

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    It really does put it into perspective that at my age (20 in July 08) you don't have a "worst week."

    Yes, like a lot of people, I've had some experiences that have really impacted on my life and that I'd like to never have to repeat again...but as far as I can tell...it only gets worse from here Or is that too morbid depressing eh?? lol

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    @joedetic I bet if we had a best ever week thread we would all have fantastic things to recall
    There are some truly awful 'worst weeks' on this thread and if like me you don't even have think which was your worse week you know it was a bad one, but I will be joining the same son tonight in the pub with my husband and other son to celebrate him getting his first teaching job ()so I'll put my loose change in the heartlink box on the bar and give him a big hug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtechsystems View Post
    Bloody hell feel for you m8
    Vista isn't that bad surely?


    Fortunately I've not yet had a 'worst week' and I hope that I never have to go through what some of the people in this thread have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by altecsole View Post
    Mmm. I was an Airframe Technician in the RAF for 12 years and this sounds very unlikely to me. Part of the pre-flights checks is a test of all flight controls for correct operation and full range of movement. If the control was left disconnected how did this work?
    I can verify that the accident did happen and that it was caused by a disconnected control rod. I was in the RAF at the time (I did 24 years as an engine/airframe technician) and I remember it very well. It was the first fatal accident caused by a maintenance error for a long time and every engineer sat up and took notice.

    I really feel for everybody involved. Luckily I was never caught up in a board of inquiry, everyone I know who has, have said it is a very unpleasant experience. They have all said that by the time the board had finished with them, they believed it could have been their fault, even if they had nothing to do with servicing the actual aircraft involved. As reggiep was one of the last people to work on the aircraft he will have had a particularly hard time.

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