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General Chat Thread, Been having fun for the last week in General; Didnt post any of this last week because I was too busy really. Came in last Monday to all round ...
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    Been having fun for the last week

    Didnt post any of this last week because I was too busy really.

    Came in last Monday to all round panic due to a power failure over the weekend. As it died down, and we got servers and switches on one by one, it appeared one particular server wasnt booting up.

    On closer inspection, it was saying there was an error in the RAID array...3 drives failed apparantly. Im assuming it wasnt physical failure because the likelyhood of 3 dying is surely SO remote its just not possible. But whatever has happened, the data is bascially just...gone

    Quite annoying considering it was connected to a networked UPS, had the agent installed, and was supposed to shut down on power failure. It obviously didnt do that...

    Anywy, the server that died held the shared area and all applications. Shared area, fine, restore from backup onto another server. Apps...it was something I had been meaning to back up for ages...but as the full backup always took so long I never had time. So its all gone. Thank god I did have some bits backed up, like all the finance data, science monitor, heritage etc. But 99% of it is gone

    So had fun since then completely restoring every single app from CD. Network titles are OK, just tedious copying them all back, and slightly annoying when you find out we have a licence but no CD. But whats most annoying is all my custom MSI's, and various tweaked ones, are all gone . Gonna take a LONG time to recreate all those

    On the plus side, I had wanted to tidy that server up for years, so at least this has forced me to do it And Im now getting a new server out of it.

    But the moral of the story - BACK UP EVERYTHING. Not just most of it...EVERYTHING

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    Yeah I feel for you m8 just remind me to purchase addtional NAS drive


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