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General Chat Thread, Edugeek Awards in General; I think the edugeek seal of approval would be a good thing, Maybe yearly awards or maybe some sort of ...
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    I think the edugeek seal of approval would be a good thing, Maybe yearly awards or maybe some sort of consumer award that relevant companies could display?. Maybe people could vote on suppliers or business and if they get 75% positive feedback they get an award for a year verifying that people have been happy with the service/knowledge etc.

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    I also like this idea. It would give newcomers to Edugeek an idea of whether a new company to them is reputable. It may also bring new custom to Edugeek if an IT person is looking on a supplier website and see the Edugeek award and thinks "Hmmm, thank looks a blinkin' useful resource".

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    Its a great idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by plexer View Post
    Not necessarily needing trophies to be awarded certificates would be good enough and they could be posted to the winners to have framed for their office walls.

    Best sponsor as voted for by the mods

    Nice little graphics for winners' sigs would be good.
    I like the idea, a nice bit of recognition for those who put in to the community.

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    Awards along the lines of
    * Best Value
    * Best Quality
    * Most Helpful / Best Advice
    * Best New Product
    * Best Support
    * Best [category] provider (e.g. hardware, network & wireless, internet...)
    etc. would be the most useful - I think a lot of people on here use a lot of similar companies (mostly the sponsors ) so you should be able to get some decent feedback & votes.
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    Wondering if @wagnerk would step in to explain how it operates over at CertForums ... the monthly system seemed to work quite well over there for membership based awards.

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    I think @crispinw might appreciate some of this as well in terms of supplier ratings/reviews perhaps forming the basis for an award scheme.

    Also happy to chip in with an effort for "most lengthy post" if anyone's still interested. For further evidence, please see... oh, most of my posts... =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post
    Wondering if @wagnerk would step in to explain how it operates over at CertForums ... the monthly system seemed to work quite well over there for membership based awards.
    Wow, that's something that we will have to resurrect over at CF.

    Basically the awards were quarterly, we didn't give any certificates or trophies out (but that doesn't mean that you can't do it here), but what we did do was give them a status symbol or flag just under their username to show everyone which award they earned. The following was the basic format of the award system:

    1. Person had to be nominated for an award by 3 other members. These nominations to be posted on the nomination thread and a running tally will be kept on each thread.
    2. Staff (admin and mods) are to be exempt from the awards.
    3. A maximum of 5 nominations from the members for each award - this was basically the first 5 people to get nominated by 3 people.
    4. Members may nominate only once per category and a person can be nominated for more than one category.
    5. Staff award to be nominated by the staff and voted for by the staff.
    6. Voting (via a poll) will commence after a weeks nominating and will be for a period of 2 weeks. After this time the member with the highest tally will be awarded the award.

    We also had/have a page that listed all the members and the awards that were won, sort of like a history check.

    What else do you want to know?

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    What about an award for the person who can do the best impression of Al (The marketing guy) from @VeryPC

  10. Thanks to hawc from:

    VeryPC_Colin_M (29th December 2013)

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