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General Chat Thread, RM Must Try Harder in General; RM Must Try Harder RM must try harder in second half | Channel Register RM has pinned its hopes on ...
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    RM Must Try Harder

    RM Must Try Harder

    RM must try harder in second half | Channel Register

    RM has pinned its hopes on the second half of the year after turning in sluggish revenue growth and a slide in profits for the first six months.

    The education supplier pulled in revenues of 117.6m for the first half, up just 1.8 per cent on the year. Pre-tax profits were 184,000, compared to last year’s 5.6m. This year’s bottom line was hit by 450,000 in amortisation costs of acquisition-related intangibles, while last year’s was boosted by a 3.5m pension credit.

    RM was at pains to point out that, due to the seasonal nature of the education business, “profit in the first half of the year is small relative to that for the year as a whole and is not a good indicator of the outcome for the full year”.

    At the same time, it confirmed that the first half’s figures also suffered from “increased strategic project bid costs and some delays in new product and service areas”. It admitted that this means “more to do in the second half than originally anticipated [but] our expectations for the full year result remain unchanged”.

    The company saw revenues slip at some of its businesses. Learning Technologies was down from 87.4m a year ago to 81.6m, Assessment and Data Services turned in 7.1m compared to 7.8m last year. Education Resources and Curriculum Software was up from 18m to 26.1m, Education Management Systems stood at 2.9m compared to 2.4m a year ago, while BSF turned over 2.1m, up on last year’s 300,000.

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    MU ha ha ha ha ha

    I was about to post the same thing.

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    Will their lack of profitability effect their suitability as bidders for future BSF waves though?

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    Don't worry. The Government will get them back on track with lots of lovely BSF contracts

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    I heard RM was out of the running for BSF contracts before they were even in the running if that makes sense.

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