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General Chat Thread, MythTV in General; Hey Guys, Anyone here ever (or still do?) used this? I've been hunting for a good system to put together ...
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    Hey Guys,

    Anyone here ever (or still do?) used this?

    I've been hunting for a good system to put together and after a while of killing Media Centre, and then shouting at MediaPortal for not letting me use my remote on my tv card, i finally decided to give MythTV a try.

    The ironic thing is, i've spent more time getting MythTV working than both media centre and mediaportal together.

    Anyway, it's now (more or less!) working with the kit I have. And i have to say (GF pending...) it's a kickass system. I just love how I can set show's to record from work via the built in website! It can also stream your music (and videos if you set that up right). It can do just so many damn cool things.

    All in all, it is very cool... but it really is a pain to get setup. I've reinstalled linux (several different distro's) at least > 40 times. There are still a few glitches I need to work out, like it tries to change channels on my Sky box too quickly so it skips some numbers sometimes (and goes to the wrong channel), and the sound on the tv card is too high, so it sounds crappy... but other than that. I've got it controlled via my SPV and Wii mote and soon a normal remote (for the gf).

    Anyway, anyone using it? if so, how long and how did you find it to install?

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    I played with it for a while, don't remember too much trouble setting it up, I think I got it as a full distro somewhere, but I am returning to Vista Ultimate which, with a few plugins, just has more features overall.

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    Have you looked at LinuxMCE and Mythbuntu?

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    Go with Mythbuntu.

    Real easy setup.

    I have one setup at school here, I am looking to roll out the MythPLayer on the desktops in the next couple of weeks. Then teachers can schedule there own recordings. Muwhahahaha.

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