Hello Guys and Gals, My first post on here, but not my first time here. So I thought I would get on and say hello.

I am Chris (nice to meet you all). I am in current in employment at an all boys schools with ict specialist status. Luckily enuf for me, I am the Network Admin/Manager for the school. I have 1 Full time technician and between us both we manage the network on a day to day basis.

We Run a Network of 7 servers - all s03 sp2. Have over 400 clients (xp).

I run a DC, EXCH, ISA, APP, WEB, Staff FS, Student FS.

We also have the commonly used securus box.

After taking over as network manager nrly 2 n half yrs ago now, it gave me the opportunity to build the 1 domain we have now. After reconfiguring each server and in housing our exchange server, we now have full control over our network. I am in the process of having our website and domain address redirected from synetrix

I Would like to join and offer my services and knowledge to all edugeeks and also look forward to working with you in the future. Knowing SMT and Capita we are all in for a rough ride. SMT decided that I must take my holidays during the schools holidays time, don't know about you lot, but thats when i get a lot done, Though i just booked a week off work as my mum is getting married, and the school is now 3 week in to using lesson monitor(some glitches-mainly sims.net updates but all went well). I do work a 52 week year though.

Thats enuf rantin on i think.

Better get some sleep. Busy day tomorrow.

Nice to meet you all again!