I don't know if any of the cricket fans on here have been keeping an eye on the twenty20 indian premier league circus that started recently....i've watched some of it on tv and it's been a bit underwhelming apart from a couple of brilliant batting performances.

Well, i'm just amazed at some of the money being splashed about. Initially there was an auction of the players allowing the 8 team franchises to bid for the indian and international players they wanted. Similar to what happens in american sports from what i understand.

In a bidding frenzy one of the teams paid 1.5million US dollars for indian slugger MS Dhoni. In the third round of bidding Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds fetched 1.35 million, on top of that there's the reported $100,000 a week player contract in the case of symonds.

Symonds is the most explosive batter in one day cricket and in a tournament awash with sponsorship money if you're going to spend that much he's the player you'd buy, but the tournament is scheduled for just 6 weeks, and the australian players have to leave after just two weeks and a handful of matches because of test match commitmnets.

So the team who've bought symonds have spent initially tens of millions for the right to parcipitate in the tournament, in addition to $1.35 million at auction to the BCCI for symonds, and finally $200,000 to symonds for 2 weeks of play. After which he jets off to join the aussie team.

.....one of the teams paid 975,000 dollars for old man sanath jayasuria of sri lanka. A once great one day opener well past his best, as his performances in the tournament so far has proved... And another team paid 900,000 dollars for the most boring batsmen in world cricket - Jacque Kallis. The auction was like fantasy cricket gone mad, with some of the bidders patently having no clue as to what the best price was for each individual player.

I don't know if the 1.35 million secures the services of symonds for forthcoming tournaments. Or whether the auction process happens again next year, or whether there's going to be an additional competition this year..

But i suspect history will remember this tournament as the moment when a lot of people took leave of they're senses.

Good for symonds though, it's about time the top one-day and 2020 players were paid handsomely.