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General Chat Thread, Tiscali Email Issue in General; Anybody else with Tiscali and having problem with slow or non-delivery of email? My father-in-law is with them and has ...
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    Tiscali Email Issue

    Anybody else with Tiscali and having problem with slow or non-delivery of email?

    My father-in-law is with them and has been having these problems for a few days now.

    There's nothing on the status section of their website and I can't find anything in any of the forums.


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    Everyone I know on Tiscali seems to have constant issues with it. Especially with their email not working as was reported on the register last year after they introduced a new spam filtering component that was a bit over zealous by the sounds of it! I think it basically knocked out their whole email system for about a week.
    One of our staff has random issues connecting to our school VPN link and I'm near certain it's thanks to Tiscali's 'Traffic Shaping/port throttling. They'll never admit to it being their fault though.
    IMO You'd be well advised to get shot of them as an ISP. In Email terms even a Webmail/Gmail account would be a much more reliable option.
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    Well as much as I hate having to admit it, apart from the email outage last year and the occasional email for me to cut back on my downloading (all legit, honest!) I have no probs with them. Ohh and not telling me when they upgraded their packages which led me paying more for a lesser package. My email is fine at the mo, just checked, and have no probs connecting to school from home or vice versa using LogMein.

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    HAH! The status section and indicators are pointless..they never get changed. As to the support forums..good luck.

    I only had a couple of issues in several years with them, but by gods they were a unhelpful, up themselves bunch of knuckledraggers, with one or 2 exceptions. And the phone support? Laughable.

    IIRC, last time I had a mail issue with them it was a port issue..I had to change to SSL port 443 (I think) and it worked again.

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    Tiscali cannot run an email system to save there lives. Here at Freedom2Surf we had amazing email, pipex bodged it a little and Tiscali well, they thew the staff out that had half an idea how it worked and set un-trained chimps to work on it and we've prob gone from a really nice high end cluster setup when we were Freedom2Surf down to a 5 year old HP Proliant ML110 G1 or summat like that

    If you go here - Freedom2Support - The Independent Freedom2Surf Support Community and look out for all the threads on E-mail issues as our outgoing and incoming is now all via the same Tiscali Server set as yours so you will see many issues about it and feel free to vent off steam on there we won't kill you as were un-official but do have some staff pop on sometimes.

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