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General Chat Thread, Calendar clocks...any ideas? in General; M Grandmother, at the age of 80something is slowly but surely going doolally, as they do. It seems her latest ...
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    Calendar clocks...any ideas?

    M Grandmother, at the age of 80something is slowly but surely going doolally, as they do.

    It seems her latest thing is not remembering the day/date/month (pick any)

    So, I've been trying to locate something like..do you remember a few years back..well, 80's..there were "flip" clocks around, loads of them..that did day/date/month as well as time?

    Can I find anything that does just that and nothing else, that's simple and basic and cheap? Can I flip.

    Everything either has 20,00000 functions, 20,000000 buttons, or 20,000000 displayed statistics that are just too much when the target audience for the device is in her 80's and is quite easily confused.

    Has anyone got any pointers on where to look/what to look for? I've tried "date clocks", "calendar clocks", "simple clocks", and I can't find anything that really suits..well, I have, but it's a US unit for 120V..

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    You'll have to trawl charity shops, jumble sales for 'old tech' like that. No one makes them any more.

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    Banks usually have these on the wall so they must still be obtainable.

    Not cheap but they sell them here.
    Find a product - AT Dementia home

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