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General Chat Thread, Electrical storm? in General; What a start to the week it's been. From the off on Monday morning and all through Tuesday the office ...
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    Electrical storm?

    What a start to the week it's been. From the off on Monday morning and all through Tuesday the office phone has never stopped ringing with teachers saying that nothing's working, demanding replacement laptops etc. I think we must have had an electrical storm over the weekend, though I'm not discounting the fact that at 08:45 on Monday the head had a call informing him that at 08:00 sharp on Wednesday morning Ofsted would be in.

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    Know how you feel we made changes to network during Easter and as usual we had a few machines/printers on the admin side we couldn't get access to till they came back on Monday.

    We've been getting everything sorted and was looking forward to a slightly quieter day today.

    Nowever within seconds of walking through the door this morning I had several 'SIMS isn't working'.

    After a bit of investigation it seems that some admin clients aren't getting IP address whilst others are.

    Still working on this, bit puzzled at the moment as everything looks OK.

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    We're getting the same..."machines are slow". "E-Portal is down", "I forgot my password" etc etc..

    Bless 'em. 1. Autoupdates, 2. We know, ta. , 3. Tough..

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    Yup, we've had "the computers are slow today?" remarks the last few days.

    Personally I think that it's due to everyone being off the past fortnight and being used to their (in many cases much nicer!) home PCs and Laptops, so that when they come back, they realise all over again just how cr*p the computers here are.

    Still, after a few days they seem to forget/get used to it again.

    Staff eh?

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