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General Chat Thread, Projector Screen in General; I'm looking to get a portable projector screen - [ for personal use ] Now there are plenty of sites ...
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    Projector Screen

    I'm looking to get a portable projector screen - [ for personal use ] Now there are plenty of sites offering these etc but was wondering if anyone has a recommendation in regards to a web site to get one from and type of screen. Its general use will be for playing movies - 16:9, and video games - [ kids.... ]


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    Hi There,

    There are lots of screens out there. The bottom line is that its all down to cost. We install Sahara screens in schools and colleges nationwide of which are true square wall screens not 4/3 although Sahara do a range of 4/3 screens and 16/9 screens. In general for everyday use these screens are fine. They also do a range of electric screens. Both types of screen are able to wall or ceiling mount. If you are playing games aswell as watching movies i would suggest 4/3 with black borders just to give it that finish. Other brands available are Draper, Bretford etc although the are a little more pricey.

    I hope this helps, visit the website for more info



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