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General Chat Thread, Is this the best install you have seen? in General; Heh, remembering more now, the IWB installations that were done before my time here: the poles are at the wrong ...
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    Heh, remembering more now, the IWB installations that were done before my time here: the poles are at the wrong height to project onto the board.

    The installer's solution?
    Steal some Lego and Blutack from the classroom to make little Lego legs for the back of the projector to angle it correctly

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    Quote Originally Posted by torledo View Post
    One of our projector installs would look exactly like that if we didn't have a suspended ceiling to hide an insane amount of excess wire. How difficult is to estimate the length of preterminated cable you need ?.....but more to the point most of the school projector installers are of the crash bang wallop variety, they'd rather not mess around with the delicate art of soldering vga pins. That's why they go for the lindy 10m+ lengths.

    It's a shame because a proper install requires the installer to have that ability....run the correct length snip off a either end and then solder on. Even if they had gone for a more realistic length they would still have had some excess and they're no way to hide any excess in that picture.

    But soldering vga pins is a dark art. Requiring a pair of pliers with an elastic band on the end and preferably a magnifying glass for the oldies willing to give it a go. Plus alot of patience and a massive amount of practice.

    on a side note has anyone tried using those screw terminal three pin ends for when you're shortening power cables of electrical appliances (IEC-320 or kettle leads as some people mistakenly say). They are blooming terrible absolutely the worst design i hve ever come across. It's just ridiculously easy for all three cores to come out at any time. The number of times i've blown a fuse after doing one and then trying to test it out. Whoever designed them shot be shot.....trouble is i can't find any other design.
    thats why we do all ours ourselves
    we used to do them with predetermined lengths of cable but its fiddly if you dont have a loftspace. now we by custom faceplates with screw terminals so we run the cabling from projector to wallbox then chop and wire everything to the faceplate.

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    Pity the projector's not run on DC instead of AC - if that were the case the coil plus the steel pole would make a huge electromagnet and start attracting all the steel items in the classroom. Imagine the carnage by the end of the day!

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    that looks an awful unsafe job, but i suspect it was done as a result of somebody telling the installer - 'you MUST not cut wires on the power' , so he didn't. either that or he didnt have a ladder high enough, or perhaps it was his last day working for the company ??

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