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General Chat Thread, What to charge for a private job? in General; best bet is to explain to them that you will go there , investigate whats wrong and see whats what ...
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    best bet is to explain to them that you will go there , investigate whats wrong and see whats what and then before you carry on agree on how much to get paid per hour or over all etc, that way you can see how fast or slow there computer(s) are and also they can show you whats wrong.

    That way you have a better idea of how long it will take and you will have a better idea of how much is fair to charge to them.

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    fixed a teachers pc last week. I said to her 20 quid and i would do the job, any how did the job, gave her the pc back and she said she would settle the dept on monday. ok cool, walking through the school car park monday morning, and she calls me over to her car. she hands me a plastic bag with 4 cans of fosters (which i bloody hate). I asked her what they were for and she said for fixing my pc. I then said, but we agreed on £20 not cans of alcohol. teacher then says aaa but i thought you preffer cans, as i know how you young men preffer a goo drink.

    wtf i think to my self.

    ok then, £20 for the admin password to your pc and the cans

    she then reached for her purse and gave me the £20 quid

    Thank you... ooow and good morning

    the end

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    I give a neighbour technical support for his home office. Was willing to do it for practice and free but he forced 20 quid into my hand. Usually takes an hour maybe a bit more, but I wasn't aiming for profit to do it.

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    I run a little IT business from home and it's £25ph if it's onsite, £20ph if I bring the pile of virus-riddled junk back with me to fix in my little computer lab. I only service domestic customers and yes I do declare it all to the bl@@dy taxman.

    Watch out for those 10 minute jobs that can turn into a nightmare. I never do any work for people with machines older than five years and/or have dialup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanne View Post
    were they unleaded biscuits?
    No but they were horrid - I reckon she got them when on holiday in Cornwall to give to someone as a birthday pressie but I came along first!

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    I usually charge about £20-£30 depending what needs doing, if the machine requires a complete rebuild etc, I usually estimate about £40 when they supply there own OS disc. This also includes a Ghost disc which they can stick in and re-ghost there PC the months following my visit, it saves them cash in the long run and saves me going back for niggly things.

    Half the time I am too busy and tired with my own projects which I have on at work. So it may seem a little pricy, but half the time I wanna get them off my back. Plus, I have found it gives them confidence to try fixing it them selves. Either they do and there happy, or they come back to me and are really desperate.

    At the end of the day, it's at your own discretion.

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