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General Chat Thread, NUT Strike 24th April in General; We have 4 teachers who are striking but the remainder are spending the lunchtimes discussing how disruptive they can be. ...
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    We have 4 teachers who are striking but the remainder are spending the lunchtimes discussing how disruptive they can be. They all want the school to close. I have told the Head that if the school closes and teaching staff who are not striking stay at home then I will be extremely p*ssed.

    My union PAT (Now VOICE!) is a non-striking union but has directed that we should not cover unless not to do so would be a safety or security risk. As a primary First Aider, that means if anyone (staff or kids) is in school, then I need to be.

    I have suggested that if teachers won't cover classes, then we could show some videos in the hall in the morning and have a Spring Sports Day in the afternoon, getting support from the local football and rugby clubs if necessary.

    My main concern is where the money will come from to fund a teachers's pay rise? Their pay already accounts for the lion's share of the school budget and any extra would simply have to be taken from elsewhere. So who will suffer?

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    As yet I am unsure what the plan is for my school - AFAIK, most our teaching staff are NASUWT members, which means they, technically, wont be striking.. but i bet they'll cause disruption..

    Number of NUT members is unknown to me at present.. but I doubt NASUWT would cross any pickets here..

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    One of my schools has only about 6 NUT members but they are key, and the rest are mostly NSWT and so won't cover. The result is that the school will be closed to pupils but all staff are in otherwise they won't be paid (as indeed will happen with the NUT members)

    Monday morning we were discussing the strike in the staff room of another of my schools and the 3 NUT members didn't even know they were going to strike!
    They all felt that a pay argument was obscuring the real problem - which is the amount of paperwork and 'new initiatives' that come out every 5 minutes and have to be taught immediately

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    To add to this thread school can not force anyone to cover the duties of anyone on strike if you are a member of a union.

    So main thing this effects is cover supervisors who can not take lessons of anyone on strike etc.


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    It should be on PRP for them, I know of teachers taht are both styles, i know of some that are oooh we've got all afternoons lessons "off" for Prep time / admin time whatever you call it, so instead of working to do prep / admin they go off and do the weeks shopping, go to the pub etc etc rather than doing the prep and admin, and I know others that work every minute sent to ensure that they get the most work done and dusted without a stone left unturned etc so if anyone deserved more its the ones that bust a gut and can 110% prove they do IE decent exam grades, well organised, planned etc not these that are oh i need website X to work, for when oh 10 minutes ago when the lesson started!

    As for the work a few years, go up the scale for our types, been there now for too long and moved up in 6 years a total of a few hundred quid in those years, not good really, ive now applied for about 15 jobs, only one i was offered was not what i wanted as it was incorrectly described by the recruitment firm to me, when i tell them i want to move into large enterprise stuff and bigger than my current setup, you can imagine my reaction when I find out its a tiny firm that uses 1 server and about 40 clients. There is a lot of competition in this area for IT jobs in education so I am told by the letters i get back after interview saying sorry too many good aps and your not our chosen one etc, very depressing and makes me feel highly worthless.

    I worked out that to rent a local 2 bed place (read that as 1 bed room, 1 box room that can fit a single bed if you dont mind no gaps round the edge of the bed, and a dining kitchen sitting room, oh and bathroom you can touch the walls with opened arms so not pallacial or grand in size!) I could afford to rent, and pay the utility bills and council tax and thats about it. No food for me (well very very little), no car to get to work, no mobile, no having a good time once in a while etc as there just isn't enough in my pay packet to allow that. Now fine some could say well i must live on t bone steaks and caviar or summat if i cannot afford food, but i don't infact i dont eat much really but thats the state it is.

    I live in a nice area and very touristy so small houses people like me in the past would buy with a huuuge mortgage cannot be had as Mr and Mrs Londoner buy them as a weekend house so those who have these small places know they can make a killing by renting them out at stupid money!

    Was discussing it with a good friend of mine whos a teacher and she was shocked at how little i come home with and ive no loans to pay off from uni etc but she said to me she knows exactly why i hate my job at times and find myself asking the question why do i bother and put up and continue to live, forget that "article" about drugs in IT, try the study of suicide rates in IT bet thats more interesting...

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    Teachers start on a really good wage i reckon. I wish i was on starting 20K on my job but isnt the average wage in the UK today something like 23K? Most teachers go up to near 30K after a couple of years anyway dont they?

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