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General Chat Thread, Not all kids are bad! in General; Must admit we have some very nice kids at our place, and some pains in the backside....
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    Must admit we have some very nice kids at our place, and some pains in the backside.

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    Well just come back from a weekend in Berlin with 16 kids. Fantastic time hugely down to a great bunch of kids. They really got into, weren't fussy. Had to queue for a couple of places really long times (I mean hour and a half at one point) & no huge whinges. Not fussy about food, had second helpings even! No problems at night, great game of cards with a load of them and really made it a pleasure. So yes, there definitely are nice kids out there, just have to hunt them down

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerrymoralee9280 View Post
    Maybe it's just me but I find some of the 'bad' kids here are spot on with our department. They are known troublemakers but for some reason they treat us with more respect than teachers.

    [CYNICAL MODE] That's because we can ban them from the internet. [/CYNICAL MODE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyinghaggis View Post
    'Good Kids' is just another way of saying 'Bad kids that haven't been caught yet'!

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    I am in the fortunate position that pretty much all of our girls are really nice, and even the "bad" ones would be angels compared to those in some other schools.

    I think that acrobson touches on an interesting point though - because we don't encounter every student, we only know the ones who for whatever reason draw attention to themselves. This is often done by playing up, being rude, barging past you through doors, etc; the "nice", i.e. quiet and hard-working, ones don't make it onto our radar. Some students stand out for being particularly friendly, helpful, etc but in an environment where 95% of the students are nice, this isn't always noticed. At least, that's my experience here.

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