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General Chat Thread, What do you do? in General; Originally Posted by Sirbendy It's far less of an arse to just reimage the machinery every 12 months than to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirbendy View Post
    It's far less of an arse to just reimage the machinery every 12 months than to defrag, purge profiles and tidy up loose files..
    The pedant in me wants to point out that fragmentation will happen whether you re-image or not (unless you put in new drive) so you might want to consider running defrag occasionally even if you are rebuilding annually.

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    oh, I know...but again, unless a machine is showing active signs of malcontent, we tend to leave them be..they're fast enough for the staff and kiddies, and they've not complained about the speeds of build 0707 yet..heh..it IS far in advance of 0706.

    In fact, I'm not even sure I'll replace it in the summer...0708..I don't think I have anything much to add to the image..I might just reimage with 0707 again.

    We've got 60gb disks that aren't hitting 80% capacity even after 12 months of use...Fragmentation isn't really something we worry about..the base image source drive got defragged thoroughly before ghosting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete10141748 View Post
    OK, so, many times now I have read in various posts about how people are "always rushing around, no time for breaks, busy busy busy" etc. especialy during the holidays (those who work during them).

    Well, my question is this;

    What do you guys actually DO that makes you so busy all the time?

    I only ask because me and the techie here seem to have quite a bit of "spare time" as of late, especially since we got the network/wireless set up, profiles sorted and new servers installed, and I'm getting the feeling that there's something we should be doing that I'm missing..... though I have no clue what, and neither does he!

    Maybe it's because we have (relatively) little equipment here (50-odd laptops and about the same number of PCs)?
    We don't have in-house internet control or filtering (all done by E2BN, sadly ), we used to assist in lessons but now that Staff are OK with the new system they don't ask us anymore, we have been told so often that we can't spend money on new equipment that it's hardly worth looking into "future ideas" (which I have already done a doc. for anyway)......

    Don't get me wrong, we don't just sit around do nothing all day*, I'm just wondering what (if any) "active" things you NM's / Techies do with regards to "network management" as opposed to being "passive troubleshooters / problem solvers" that perhaps we don't do........unless we're just lucky in that nothing ever seems to actually go wrong around here :P

    Cheers guys,


    *from what I remember from being at school and seeing the NM at my Uni, they seemed to spend most of the day drinking coffee and playing solitaire, only venturing out of thier rooms when a problem needed fixing!
    We have 660 PC's, 200 Laptops, 9 Servers... and 13 ICT Suites..

    So it's rush rush rush :-)

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    @SYNACK We've just come out the other end of doing all our documentation.

    I think that's maybe why we feel there is a "gap" that wasn't there before.
    For ages now we've spent time each day updating our hardware and software audits, our network and VLP userguides, network "handbook" for any new techies who may come along / replace us when we're gone, licensing portfolio...

    We seem to have files and folders (physical ones, I mean!) all over the place now

    I'm sure something'll happen soon enough.....knowing my luck, in repsonse to me posting this topic our server/s will decide to go into meltdown, just for a laugh

    To sum up, we have the following;

    4x servers (1 DNS/file, 1 App, 1 Print and 1 SIMS)
    Cachepilot (espresso)
    Anti-virus (Sophos, 5 years, remote deployed and full system coverage)
    50 laptops, setup for appropriate users (teachers and students)
    2x laptops for Head and Dept.Head (Vista ones, too )
    ICT suite, all PCs re-built from scratch (after getting rid of Winsuite!)
    21 projectors / smartboards in classrooms
    2x portable projectors
    1x portable Smartboard
    Wireless Access Points suficient to cover laptop use anywhere in school
    Roaming profiles (created .man for pupils and .dat for staff)
    11 printers (8 networked)
    Website (designed and created in the last month, now awaiting going live)
    VLP (up and running, just not used by staff much)
    SIMS (admin server and 6 PCs - one of the PCs is the server )
    Helpdesk software

    and some other minor stuff.

    That's all been done in the last 6 months, so I guess now we have to begin planning for where we want to go next.

    I guess now that things are running smoothly it would be a good time to start some "professional deveopment" of some sort seeing as we have sufficient time to actually sit down a read a textbook!

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    In my alleged 20 hour week I do everything on our network:
    Admittedly it's tiny - 34 PCs, 1 laptop, 6 IWBs
    Then there's still a lot of hand-holding for teachers and supporting ICT lessons
    On top of that I run the Library and do the school's publicty...

    It takes more than 20 hours!

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