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General Chat Thread, Licensing Worries in General; collecting 20 laptops would take a long time?? Less than a week surely? 4 a day isn't that many to ...
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    collecting 20 laptops would take a long time?? Less than a week surely? 4 a day isn't that many to check over!!

    You can do it... sounds daunting at first, but at least it isn't 500 like what I have to audit!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral208 View Post
    Hey everyone

    im new here so im sorry if this is the wrong place.

    i have started to work in a primary school and one of the items in my job description was to ensure that the licensing of the programs we have isnt 'abused'. however there are no records of what programs have been installed on what computers, or when.

    Does anyone have any advice, should i be collecting in all the staff laptops, looking at all the workstations to make sure that there are no problems. or do i let it lie and hope that the ict co-ordinator has abided to the licensing before i started.

    We have around 50 workstations and about 20 staff laptops so it would take some time.

    What do you think?

    OCS-NG is great for what you need to do. I wouldnt touch spiceworks because its resource intensive/slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlennT View Post
    It seems to struggle a bit with anything Non-Windows but you can batch re-classify. You should alsoi check there help & forum section.

    Been using Spiceworks for a while now....it's tops!

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