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General Chat Thread, DV Doctor in General; Just to warn any IT folk out there who dabble in video production of any sorts not to go near ...
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    Unhappy DV Doctor

    Just to warn any IT folk out there who dabble in video production of any sorts not to go near DV Doctor.

    It's run by some very pompous moderators who seemingly shirk responsibility when alleged defamatory posts are made.

    I'm the 'victim' as it happens, and am totally disgusted by the way the moderators have dealt with a serious issue I had.

    Some 'professional' decided to completely misrepresent my wedding videography business, and when I asked the moderators to look into it (a lot of people had already said it was out of order) I was basically "warned" off, being told to put up or shut up!

    Steer clear - not a nice place! Just a heads up...

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    You can fool some of the people some of the time but...

    Ordinarily, in my everyday life, and also as the founder of the long-established and hugely reputable DVdoctor video-editing forums, I'm not one for unnecessarily airing dirty linen in public.

    But, since Tx2online seems to think that's a good way to carry on, I'm going to make an exception for him and will take his points one-by-one and comment to them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tx2online View Post
    [do] not to go near DV Doctor [sic]
    Well, if you are interested in editing and shooting video, there really are very few better places to visit than the DVdoctor forums. You only have to visit for a short while to see that this is indeed the case.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tx2online View Post
    It's run by some very pompous moderators who seemingly shirk responsibility when alleged defamatory posts are made.
    I can think of very many words to describe the moderators of the DVdoctor forums but pompous isn't one of them.

    All of the moderators are very knowledgeable about video editing and related areas and have very long and readily verifiable track-records of putting themselves out to help forum members in ways that constantly surprise and delight those members (and, if I'm being honest, frequently amaze me, too).

    Quote Originally Posted by Tx2online View Post
    I'm the 'victim' as it happens, and am totally disgusted by the way the moderators have dealt with a serious issue I had.
    My take on this - as someone who has seen the communications and been consulted by the moderators - is that Tx2online is either kidding himself or trying to kid the members of the EduGeek forums. Or both.

    He has been rude, arrogant and petulant in his communications with the moderators and, as a result, the moderators (along with myself as the administrator), decided to give him the boot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tx2online View Post
    Some 'professional' decided to completely misrepresent my wedding videography business, and when I asked the moderators to look into it (a lot of people had already said it was out of order) I was basically "warned" off, being told to put up or shut up!
    I'm perfectly happy to publish here ALL of the relevant communications and threads, simply because Tx2online's comments are a travesty of the truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tx2online View Post
    Steer clear - not a nice place! Just a heads up...
    Nothing could be further from the truth - DVdoctor is, actually, a rather wonderful place to hang out and we intend to keep it like that, so that our many tens of thousands of members can enjoy their frequent visits in peace and harmony.

    Oh, and, far from being a heads-up, Tx2online's posting is a spiteful, petulant and very poorly calculated response to his banning from DVdoctor.

    As such, though, it is thoroughly in keeping with the behaviour we have witnessed from him of late.

    Bob Crabtree
    (Birth-to-death editor of Computer Video magazine; co-founder of DVdoctor Inc; administrator of the DVdoctor forums; founding editor of HEXUS.lifestyle; and freelance journalist, IT consultant and trainer)

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    In fear of this turning into a rant, I'd like the right to reply if the Edugeek moderators will permit such, as this is something DV Doctor has removed from me - both publicly and privately – and some facts have been left out by Mr Crabtree. He seems to have lost sight of the original incident and what actually prompted the post to Edugeek.

    Travesty of the truth?

    That, as you well know, is not entirely accurate when the whole story is known.

    You have suggested in an email that you have spoken your final word, whereas one of your moderators has since indicated to me, also in an email, that he may use my words against me if I "irritate" him further.

    Is that the sort of sentiment a "respected" moderator should be conveying when I have done all but spit blood in an apology? Should I feel threatened? Is this blackmail? He is already very much aware the apologies I've conveyed, but seems intent on revenge when an opportunity arises.

    The post to the Edugeek forum was both factual and correct as I saw the situation. I certainly think one or more of the moderators on DV Doctor is pompous, that is an opinion I am entitled to, but it is not a defamatory comment identifying one individual alone, nor is it the intentional undertaking of an act to mislead. Indeed, there is a sticky concerning the actual issues I've experienced published on DV Doctor, so the moderators should be aware and ready to act accordingly.

    A moderator did seemingly shirk responsibility to act, and when I remonstrated with him about this, I was "warned" off. This is fact.

    I have already admitted to you and others in an open email, I am in the wrong about the actions I took, but as you certainly know, it was not without provocation from both forum members and it has to be said, a moderator.

    Indeed, if all this were true and I was alone guilty of all accusations, I would not be remonstrating about it as I have. The only caution I throw is to not appear a ranting ‘nutter’, but to be clear with you that I have had a genuine grievance.

    I was potentially defamed in your forums, by another forum member, and your moderator indicated a refusal to act.

    The moderator who couldn't deal with it admitted they knew the person involved, so I asked it be passed to someone who WOULD deal with it.

    A second moderator later responded with a ‘low hit’ comment for which he had previously had no direct provocation from me, and it was that which prompted my private message to him, something he then decided to make public. No-one else need ever have known, but it seems he desired to add fuel to the already out of control flames. His intended malice has also become quite clear within his recent email.

    You say I have been "rude, arrogant and petulant" - rude yes; arrogance and petulance are reasonable responses to the situation I found myself in, something which it has to be said was not of my making as my initial question to the forum was completely unrelated.

    I did not 'attack' anyone per se, I responded to a wide sweeping statement someone made, in a dignified, reasoned and courteous manner.

    I was then 'witch hunted' by several posters, and 'defended' by others. I took the matter to the moderators instead of arguing in the forums, and, had the moderator I approached not responded in the way he did, I have little doubt any of this would have occurred.

    I do not have the 'luxury' of being able to refer back to posts made, as entire threads - including moderator comments - have all been removed, but if there is something within such on which I am mistaken, I am happy to publicly accept this.

    Of course, if the defamatory message is published again, then i will have little choice but to seek legal redress as it would clearly be quite damaging given the 'intensity' this matter has now accrued. Quite how you would publish the entire incident in full context without this I do not know, as it is that which sparked this off. I'd rather none of it was published of course, as it would achieve nothing but confirm this to be a matter clearly allowed to snowball out of control. I do not believe the publication of any part would absolve any one individual from blame either, myself included. Hopefully my comments herein are factual enough.

    When one of your moderators admitted to me he knew the other party involved, but didn't think the comments were meant to be malicious, I simply responded that with intent or not, I was asking for them to be removed or would potentially have to take the matter further.

    One wouldn't of course expect you to side against your moderators but I was inappropriately 'spoken' to by one moderator, being told I was “over reacting” and that he “wasn’t going to fight my battles”, along with derogatory comments made by another, the latter who is as guilty of not being able to keep his sentiments to himself as I am. If I should have kept quiet, so should he.

    The initial moderator should also stand by his own words which are publicised as a “sticky” that such posts as the one I complained about will be dealt with, and not tell me I am over reacting, and in essence to put up or shut up.

    My reputable business was the target of a malicious individual whose intent was nothing but an attempt to damage my reputation in a public forum. They didn’t like the honest and trustworthy way I conduct my business, and were hell bent on tearing that to shreds.

    I accept, and admitted to you in an open email, that I had reacted badly to a situation, but that I am not wholly to blame for the circumstances in which such occurred.

    The response your moderator got, was borne out of his inference to my status on leaving the forums. His actions were as unnecessary as mine.

    I was angered that it seemed to be some discrimination going on. To be told by a moderator I had been "warned" was a ridiculous suggestion - I don't know when this warning had occurred, because previously he'd simply informed me that he wasn't there to fight my battles!

    I'd simply asked that the post I considered to be defaming me and my business was removed.

    Others in the forums were additionally stating themselves that the comments being aimed toward me were unfair and unjust.

    I was simply trying to have those who were clearly intent on insulting me chastised, but your moderators seemingly were prepared to do nothing, and were indeed even privately defending the individuals who had posted the comments about me.

    As you yourself know Mr Crabtree, I have since emailed you directly, and apologised unreservedly about throwing an insult in the direction of a moderator. I make the same apology here, publicly.

    This was a disagreement in the forums between several people, and when I was seemingly being ignored in favour of a more, shall we say, ‘preferred’ member personally known to a moderator - I was angered.

    The post that I objected to was deliberately aimed at damaging both me and my business.

    All my other posts to the forum were polite, courteous and dignified. It was only when I was seemingly told to go away if I didn't like it, I was pushed onto the defensive.

    I accept that I should not have insulted a moderator (please note no expletives were actually used – it was more a venomous ‘put down’) but I have since apologised to that person via email. His response to that email me is rather concerning, but I will simply retain it at this time instead of acting on such. He too has been ‘warned’ that I will not be held to ransom.

    In my messages to you I have simply asked that all reference to myself in the forums are removed so that the matter can be entirely put to rest, and forgotten, but your moderators are refusing to do so.

    On all my posts, I now show as “banned”, yet others who posted just as hurtful comments publicly as I did privately, are continuing to post freely, favoured it seems.

    The whole matter has been a bad experience for all concerned, and the post to Edugeek was not made to prolong such. It was made to express a sentiment. I would have actually removed it had you requested such in your email to me, but you chose to reply.

    Yes, I’m sure the DV Doctor forums are a rather wonderful place to hang out - I myself have gleaned some useful information from within, but to suggest they are without issue as described above is I’m afraid the real travesty of the truth. To label me as a troublemaker who has since been banned is also a travesty of the truth.

    I do not intend to continue this discussion on the Edugeek forums. You have made your sentiments known in email, and have effectively shut the door on the matter despite my genuine pleas for you to accept my apologies for what was a moment of madness. I have put my hands up to my guilt, and pointed the finger at others just as guilty. Now, I intend to put the matter behind me safe in the knowledge that my original request to have a defamatory post removed was successful, and that I have apologised both publicly, and privately.

    If you and that other ‘gentleman’ choose to ignore such as not genuine, then that is your prerogative.

    However, on this occasion, you are most definitely wrong in your interpretation of such.


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