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General Chat Thread, Work On The Weekend in General; No, we don't. They'd never pay us to either. We get told off if we're here at 6pm..heh. Even if ...
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    No, we don't. They'd never pay us to either. We get told off if we're here at 6pm..heh. Even if we did point out it was due to us moving the video-entry phones around, which involves unpicking years of cable above the roof.

    We do sometimes VPN in...

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    I never do No remote access set up yet and the caretakers dont like opening on Saturdays anyway, not that I would want to go! I like to forget about work at weekends

    If I needed to fit a new server and there were no holidays coming up, I would go in on a Saturday (i have once before) but I would expect pay or time off during the week in return.

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    Our site is usually open at weekends as the site maintenance team are in doing things, so I could get in if I wanted to, but it would need to be something serious, and something which couldn't wait until the next holiday.

    If I happen to be off for a long time during the longer holidays, then I will dial in my to voicemail and check emails periodically. Other than that, weekends/holidays are my time in which to have a life.

    Training days are normal workings days for me - sometimes I might be giving some training, but usually we do the IT training in "twilight" sessions (i.e. a series of 3:30pm-5pm sessions). If I'm not training, then I take the opportunity of some quiet time to get my head down on those tasks which you can't do when the phone rings every 3 minutes.

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    I remote in or come in at weekends to do stuff I can't do during the working day (or I'm too tired to concentrate on properly by the end of the day). I tend to set servers off patching remotely and keep an eye on them while doing the hoovering .

    My "no teachers here and no way for them to get to me" productivity levels are about 10x my 8-5 levels.

    Then again, I'm a keyholder and I do get paid for it.
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    I will only work extra if I am paid for it, if there is a problem with a server - it'll get fixed within my working hours.

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    I work most Saturday mornings, but this is by choice!!! I encountered some child care issues when my son was born and I approached the Head with the suggestion that I don't work Mondays but would come in on Saturday mornings instead, thankfully he was very supportive.
    I have to admit that I probably achieve more on Saturdays than I do on 1 or 1 1/2 normal working days as I have full access to everywhere whenever I need it and I dont get disturbed by staff or pupils. No problems with the caretaking staff as they are also in for the half day, but if I needed to I can gain access to the school at any time as I have keys for virtually everywhere and I am on the master controller list for the alarm system.

    This is probably not everyones ideal working scenario, but for the time being it suits me down to the ground.

    As for remote access, at the moment I use LogMeIn, but this is only because the county have tied all ports down tightly and you have to jump through hoops to try and get one open or get authorisation to tunnel through existing ones!!

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