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General Chat Thread, I need some background material in General; I'm about to start my second year at Ultraversity (I appreciate that they probably aren't that highly regarded in some ...
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    I need some background material

    I'm about to start my second year at Ultraversity (I appreciate that they probably aren't that highly regarded in some quarters on this forum) and I want to look at the roles of the IT technician (I include NM's in all this) in schools and compare and contrast this with technicians in other faculties.
    There's a post here where Lee_K_81 says,
    <rant type="angry">
    Why is it that it is always the IT depts that get the least amount of staff. Our finance team has two people, admin has three, Learning support has about 10, heck, even Science gets 2 techs and they only serve 6 teachers, yet because of the advances in IT it's like, "oooh, we'll get that as well.... the IT dept will be able to set it up for us, monitor, create content, ....... ad infinitum...., along side their usual tasks!"
    What I'd be very grateful to see posted here is something along the lines of Science, 8 teachers, 3 technicians (which is the case at my school), and a general drift of how you think your job has changed, if at all, (numbers of machines, additional stuff, e.g. AV etc) in the past 3 years. Initially, I'm looking to build up a general, non scientific, picture of school life. No one will be mentioned by name and any material collected will be used to build up a general background before concentrating on my own school.
    Hopefully, some of you will find the time this half term to do this, thanks in advance.

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    Re: How many tech's etc.,

    Hi beeswax,
    I'm about to start Year 3 at Ultra so know where you're coming from:-) I work in a Primary school so this information may not be relevant to your research but here goes.
    8 teachers with laptops, 16 support staff, IT suite with 18 desktops, 8 classroom desktops, LapSafe with 25 laptops, 4 admin desktops, 3 servers.
    Technicians? Just me.

    All the best for tomorrow, see you in FC.

    ps. How come you are showing the white rose flag if you're location is the red rose county?
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