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General Chat Thread, What does your desktop say about you? in General; What does your desktop say about you? I don't know how I was led to this ancient archived BBC story ...
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    What does your desktop say about you?

    What does your desktop say about you?

    I don't know how I was led to this ancient archived BBC story but it showed me 1) how far the BBC news website has come and 2) how not very true it is... well, for me personally anyway.
    I don't think my desktop says much about me... anyone else?

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    ""It could be that the person with not much on their desktop is naive about technology," said Mr Williams."

    I generally keep my PC desktop as uncluttered as possible, mainly cos i so rarely use icons on the desktop or start menu to start any applications... i almost exclusively use winkey+r (start>run) after customising the app names in the registry... its just so much faster and easier...

    have to say, i love the idea of being "analysed" about my computer use and skills based purely on a superficial view by someone who probably types with two fingers

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