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General Chat Thread, Script to change folder permissions in General; I currently have our current domain and a new domain running with a new way trust! What I want to ...
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    Script to change folder permissions

    I currently have our current domain and a new domain running with a new way trust!

    What I want to do is add the new domain permissions on to the folder.

    For example a shared area might have 3 permissions on it currently

    I want the script to copy the username/group and put our new domain credentials on


    Is there a script I could use to do this or otherwise it will be alot of work going through each folder and adding the new permission


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    You could try this. I would try it on dumy folders first before you do it on the live folders just incase! I didnt do this once and regreted it.

    for /D %%i in (*) do (
    calcs %%i /T /P /G STAMFORD\S-Staff:f
    cacls %%i /T /E /G STAMFORD\JLBloggs:f
    cacls %%i /T /E /G STAMFORD\MLBloggs:f
    This line adds the username of the folder into the permissions

    cacls %%i /T /E /G mcc\%%i:f

    So if the folder is called MLBloggs and the logonname is MLBloggs then it will give it permissions over it.

    Hope this helps.

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