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General Chat Thread, Samsung evo 840 120gb are cheap again in General; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by abillybob View Post
    Yeah this is why I had to think really hard before buying my rig. I did eventually go for a 840 500GB SSD but I'm really eyeing up the PCI SSD Cards at the moments which has write speeds of around 1200mbps which is more than double the performance. Though it's big £400 price tag and small capacity put me off, hopefully we will soon see PCI SSD's come down in price and I can use one as a boot drive.

    Two or Three SATA 3 ( 6Gbps ) SSD's in a RAID 0 Config ??

    Two should give you around the 1gbps read and a slightly slower write speed ?

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    SATA Express is just round the corner too and while the cables look like a nightmareish frankenbodge job of the worst kind, performance should be a lot better!

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    I'd say hold off on PCI-E SSDs until Skylake (the Intel CPUs 2 generations from now, so the i3/5/7-6xxx models). Rumblings are that Skylake will have 20 PCI-E lanes on board, so you can have 4 for the NVMe interface (i.e. the designed-for-SSD interface, unlike AHCI) and still have the full 16 lanes for your GPU. Skylake will also bring DDR4 support and is generally the next exciting update from Intel.

    Skylake is supposed to be next year, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was more like 18 months.

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    Sounds good never heard of Skylake before but sounds very interesting! Will keep my eye out next year.
    @mac_shinobi true about the RAID configuration but hopefully you see my point two PCIE SSD's in RAID 0 will give you 2gbps... That's why I was so interested and I'm not one to have more than one main storage drive in my computer at the moment it just has 1 840 SSD at 500GB and that does me because my server has 3TB of space for media files and the rest of it.

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    Haswell-E Series ??

    Haswell-E Debuts: Intel Core i7-5960X Processor Review - HotHardware

    Intel Core i7-5690X Extreme Edition Processor
    Specifications & Features

    Core Frequency:
    3GHz (Up To 3.5GHz w/ Turbo)
    QPI Speed:
    TDP (Thermal Design Power):
    Number of CPU Cores:
    8 (16 Threads w/ HT)
    Intel SmartCache:
    L2 Cache:
    2MB (256K x 8)
    Processor input voltage (VID):
    .022-micron manufacturing process
    Shared Smart Cache Technology
    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST)
    Extended HALT State (C1E) Enabled
    Execute Disable Bit (XD) Enabled
    Intel 64 Technology
    AES-NI: Processor instructions
    Intel Virtualization Technology (VT)
    Packaging - Flip Chip LGA2011 v3
    Total Die Size: Approximately 355.5mm2
    Approximately 2.6B Transistors
    Price - $999 - Find It @ Amazon

    Eight Core Processing: Runs 8 independent processor cores in one physical package

    Base Processor Frequency: 3.0 GHz

    Massive PCI Express Bandwidth: 40 lanes of PCIe supported through the processor

    Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0: Dynamically increases the processor frequency up to 3.5GHz when applications demand more performance. Speed when you need it, energy efficiency when you don’t.

    Intel Hyper-Threading Technology: 16 threads provide unprecedented processing capability for better multi-tasking and threaded applications. Do more with less wait time.

    Intel Smart Cache: Up to 20MB of shared cached allows faster access to your data by enabling dynamic and efficient allocation of the cache to match the needs of each core significantly reducing latency to frequently used data and improving performance.

    Overclocking Enabled: Core (Turbo) and DDR4 ratios are unlocked for ease of overclocking

    Integrated Memory Controller: Supports 4 channels of DDR4-21330 memory with 1 DIMM per channel. Support for XMP memory.

    Read more: Haswell-E Debuts: Intel Core i7-5960X Processor Review - HotHardware
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    Quote Originally Posted by abillybob View Post
    What about a Samsung XS1715 or Intel DC P3700 NVMe PCIe SSD?

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