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General Chat Thread, Wild Camping Petition. in General; Originally Posted by nephilim It is not a case of breaking trespassing laws. What it is, is opening up land ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    It is not a case of breaking trespassing laws. What it is, is opening up land like Ashridge park, or other publicly owned or funded land (excluding wildlife trust land etc) for wild camping. If I went camping in a farmers field, I fully expect to get prosecuted for trespassing. IF I currently go camping at Ashridge or other public owned/funded land, I can be prosecuted for trespassing, along with a whole host of wildlife endangerment charges when no danger presents itself. I am a responsible camper, I practice bushcraft frequently, I tidy and clean after myself when I camp, and leave very little trace that I was actually on site.
    IIRC trespass is a civil matter and you can't be prosecuted solely for trespass.

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    Trespass is a civil issue and you can only be sued. I know a lot about this as my father spent most of the 1970s and 80s negotiating access rights for canoeists on rivers... the two are interlinked.

    The problem is that most "wild land" is actually in private ownership. Even in National Parks, the land is rarely owned by public bodies, but by individual land owners; some own a lot and some are just small farmers. The National Trust owns lots of land, but it is a charity and not publicly funded. It restricts access due to conservation ... its land holdings are carefully managed to protect wildlife.

    There were the mass tresspasses came in the 1930s to force land owners to allow people to roam on the land they own. As a result, the high ground land owners, who wanted to keep people off their grouse moors, were forced to allow access on public footpaths in England.

    I understand people wanting to camp anywhere they please, but we have relatively little land here in the UK compared with other countries... and very little of what we have is truly wild. Incidentally the law regarding access is different in Scotland to England... so people need to be clear what they are asking for.

    Personally, I won't be voting.
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    If you join the Camping and Caravanning Club, they have dispensation to use certified locations. Might be worth considering Certificated Sites - smaller sites, exclusive to members - The Camping and Caravanning Club

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    I won't be signing. Wild camping is fine as it is. There's a good community of campers who know how to do it properly so it needs to be kept off the radar as much as possible.

    Traditional camping has been ruined by people who don't know the basics and make loads of row after midnight, slamming car doors, talking in their tents like they're in their houses at home, along with uncaring site owners who just want £££££££££££ and don't want the hassle of confronting anyone.

    It was the same with urban exploration - a great underground hobby. Then it became mainstream and got spoilt by people wrecking, stealing and having sites locked down or having extra security, along with heavy handedness from the police.

    Its not illegal in Scotland, so lets keep it that way and keep the plebs on the official sites.
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