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    CGVRA Lancaster

    I'm not one for planes but living in bomber county there is just something about what has been happening around here with the Canadian Lancaster over along with our one.

    They have been flying around for the last few weeks and I first missed it due to poor weather at Lincoln at the beginning of the month and then today topped it, was sat in the house when the roar of the engine came over, before I knew it it had gone and upon logging into the app on the iPad is was the said Lancaster.

    Now tonight I take a drive up onto the Lincolnshire Wolds to drop some bits off and got word the spitfires were out, so change my route home to go via the airport (Humberside). I get out find a few people around and start chatting to a bloke. Wondering where CGVRA is we look on the app on the phone and next thing we know its landing. So I hang around, something is happening, the sun is going down but they are not preparing to put her away, in fact they are getting her ready for another flight, its not 1930 and the sun is going but next thing we know she is up again.

    Best thing is I caught it all and even got it on video, one happy person. If you want to take a look the few videos I got are here. I plan to go out again tomorrow night and see what I can get as she is flying around giving flights at several £k a go a number of lucky people, think its 5 max each time. From what we can work out shes been out 7 times today, does the same circuit each time.

    I have missed a few events that have happened over Waddington and Coningsby this week due to work but proud to see the first ever Lancaster out and in fact the last one in. At the minute there are 3 in county, although one none flight worthy at present but funds are been raised. Maybe one day all 3 will fly together again.

    Just thought I would share something you not get to see and may not even be aware of.

    Now us yellow bellies are not been selfish and keeping them all to us, there are opportunities up and down the UK to see them together, the schedule can be found here. If you want track them I have been using this site, but you will only get CGVRA once she has taken off and the transponder starts feeding back, its quite quick. If you can get to see any of the flypasts I would recommend it. We have been privileged this past few weeks and a sight to see.

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    A few snaps of the pair at Dunsfold Wings and Wheels Show!

    CGVRA Lancaster-img_2285.jpg
    CGVRA Lancaster-img_2329.jpg
    CGVRA Lancaster-img_2336.jpg
    CGVRA Lancaster-img_2359.jpg

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    We saw this pair flying over the Orpington area a couple of weeks ago, practising formation apparently. It was very impressive

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    We've got them coming to the Bournemouth Air Show next weekend, flying in the memorial flight. I can't wait to see them

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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post
    We've got them coming to the Bournemouth Air Show next weekend, flying in the memorial flight. I can't wait to see them
    And you get a Vulcan flypast! (It flew over my house on Sunday, quite low. Unfortunately I was tardy and caught the glorious roar but by the time I got outside I only caught a brief glimpse of it disappearing into the distance.)

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