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General Chat Thread, Data Centres in General; Hi there, Not sure what this comes under so posting the post someone has asked me else where as I ...
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    Data Centres

    Hi there,

    Not sure what this comes under so posting the post someone has asked me else where as I have some dealings with Fire Service issues and this was posed.

    As you may be aware, when risk assessing premises re fire safety, there's a mountain of guidance available. HM Govt have produced a range of guidance documents for shops, offices warehouses....etc. There's all sorts of guidance for sleeping accommodation, hospitals, and even military premises. But there's not a lot of guidance re data centres!

    I am dealing with a project to construct a large data centre. Phase 1 is out of the ground & occupied, but there's several more phases to come over the next 10 years. I have a fundamental disagreement with the fire protection strategy that has been established by the designers, architects and occupier. I am looking for guidance (UK or worldwide) to challenge what I see as a less than suitable fire suppression policy.

    I am aware of BS 6266 : 2011 described as: Fire safety, Fire safety in buildings, Electronic equipment and components, Electrical installations, Computer hardware, Data processing, Data processing equipment, Communication equipment, Equipment housing facilities, Computers, Risk assessment, Structural fire protection, Fire spread prevention, Fire resistance, Fire risks, Fire tests, Firefighting equipment, Fire detectors, Air-conditioning systems.

    But I reckon there's bound to be more guidance out there somewhere. I have contacted the Association of British Insurers to ask what standard/guidance the insurance industry use, but they have been less than forthcoming.

    So if you can point me to any accepted standard or guidance re data centre fire protection systems, I would be much obliged. To be clear, I am aware of the various options of systems available, however I just want a standard to use in order to build a business case to support my views that improvements are necessary

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    Far from an expert, but I would assume that the standard of fire safety usually implemented in datacentres is waaaaaay above and beyond what the regulations would usually stipulate. It's more likeely to come down to your business case of how much risk of downtime (due to fire) you are prepared to take, rather than whether you meet a regulation or not.

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