I agree with a lot of what localzuk and dhicks have said on this topic and it's something I've been spending quite a lot of time looking at in the last few months.

For our school, the problems are exacerbated by having a relatively high proportion of "experienced" staff, which is great for teaching in general, but in many cases means their IT expertise is below average. That is a sweeping generalisation of course, but there's a correlation.

Lack of dedicated training time is a real problem - on the spot help is OK and well-received but pretty inefficient for all involved.

I'm planning to knock up a self-service intranet training site in the next few weeks which will allow any member of staff to offer a training session at a particular slot in the weekly timetable (Thursday lunchtime, say) and when X people have registered an interest, the "trainer" can contact the participants with a firm date. Hopefully it will help us capitalise on the expertise we already have in-house whilst fitting in around everyone's packed schedule. I'm not expecting any miracles from it though!