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General Chat Thread, Slow path out of IT? in General; Some of the puns in this thread are buzzy awful. Good luck!...
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    Some of the puns in this thread are buzzy awful.

    Good luck!

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    Well, the bees are now in. I wasn't expecting quite this much buzz about the whole thing, just thought a few people might be interested.

    Sadly we're having to leave the bees to settle in for most of today, and I'm in my day job (boo, hiss) but we should be able to take a look at them after I get back from work and make sure all's okay.

    If anyone does want to follow along, we're keeping a blog of the whole thing at Old Boar's Apiary | Creating a new apiary in Dorking

    Also, anyone with advice on running kickstarter campaigns who would be willing to help us out, please give me a yell.

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    Yeah I still keep bees - going to take time to harvest off some honey this weekend in fact.

    Quote Originally Posted by bossman View Post

    I think @mattx used to keep bees, don't know if he still does but its worth a punt!

    Hey @mattx you still with us and do you still keep bees?

    There that should do the trick!

    Good luck with the bees and the slow move from IT wish you all the very best

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