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General Chat Thread, House of Cards in General; Just watched the first two episodes of the original series on Drama. Ian Richardson is brilliant. Recorded 3 and 4 ...
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    House of Cards

    Just watched the first two episodes of the original series on Drama. Ian Richardson is brilliant. Recorded 3 and 4 for to watch tomorrow whilst the football is on.

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    Love the old series, loads more evil than the US version.

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    To Play the King is the best IMO. Sadly as one of the character's is pretty much a realistic take on a bitter Diana and an impressionable young version of William no one in the UK has the balls to reshow it.

    However fantastic (and lovely) Susannah Harker is as Mattie she does feel a bit one dimensional. Michael Kitchen plays a straight shooting portrayal of Prince Charles as King - which is probably very much as he will eventually be.

    If you really want to do the Urqhart trilogy justice read the books. Far superior, and explain a lot of the background. Characters who vanish between TV serials (such as Ben Landless) do not in the books and Urqharts early betrayals come back to haunt him.
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    All three of the brilliant original series with Ian Richardson as FU are on Netflix, though I couldn't possibly comment. ....
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