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General Chat Thread, IT Packaging and Palleting service? in General; Morning, During the summer we are replacing our desktops with new ones and we presumed the company who we leased ...
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    IT Packaging and Palleting service?


    During the summer we are replacing our desktops with new ones and we presumed the company who we leased them through was taking care of uplifting etc, we have just had it dropped on us from a high height (after working out our summer leave etc) - that we are to package up, bubble wrap palletize (not a word, but hey I am feeling creative) and shrink wrap the pallets. If we knew this from the offset we would have been prepared.

    Does anyone know of any Home Counties or London based companies who would quote us for this service of around 260 PCs plus later in December around 160 Laptops?


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    Who worked out that it was your responsibility to do that? If it was SLT I'd grumble, if it was the lease company I'd inform them of the need to insert their pallets into an inconvenient and uncomfortable position. How on Earth is that your responsibility, if the old PCs aren't yours any more? Is that written into your lease contract?

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    If the leasing company is taking them back, then surely all you would have to do is to box the pcs up at most? It is their job to collect them and load them as they see fit.

    Consult your contract with them.

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