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General Chat Thread, Boeing And NASA Agree Terms For The Supply Of Space Launch System in General; ...
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    Boeing And NASA Agree Terms For The Supply Of Space Launch System

    Link 1: Boeing Gets NASA Contract for Largest Space Launch System - July 3, 2014 - Zacks.com

    ...The SLS intends to send humans beyond the moon's orbit for the first time. It is designed to carry 143 tons yet the rocket's initial flight-test configuration will provide lift capacity of 77 tons. The 321 feet long advanced launch system will be powered by four RS-25 rocket engines built by Aerojet Rocketdyne of Canoga Park. Boeing’s avionics teams as well as other teams across Southern California are working to prepare the SLS for a first test flight in 2017....
    Link 2: Space Launch System - an album on Flickr

    Artist Concept: SLS Rises From Launchpad

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    Overpriced and will never be launched. Typical NASA lack of forward planning - they should have kept the Saturn V production line open.

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    There's another several billion down the toilet, get half way through one, cancel it, wait just enough time to claim all the engineers have forgotten it all then start again, rinse, repeat and keep Boeing afloat with easy government money for the next decade.

    Nasa would do ok if they didn't keep getting budget cuts and mission shifts, unfourtunatly they are at the mercy of the dribbling pack of ex car salesmen that they call a Congress.

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