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General Chat Thread, Sometimes a mistake is a blessing in General; I recently ordered 20 ne machines for an IT suite. I like the Lenovo ones and they were doing a ...
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    Sometimes a mistake is a blessing

    I recently ordered 20 ne machines for an IT suite. I like the Lenovo ones and they were doing a cash back deal which made them pretty cheap and I was about to order them when my account manager at Misco said they have some deals for education only.. lo and behold the same compters were on with 3 year warranties but cheaper then they would have been without the cash back... bargain.. so I fired off the order.Just opened the box and the are SFF ones and I didn't realised the M73 line covers all case sizes.But.... the monitors which we are saving have Vesa holes that are accessible and they M73 comes with screws and a built on bracket... they look awesome and free up loads of space. Not sure which was to mount them as they can go with the tray facing up with the button and USBs upwards too but I need to buy a VGA 90 degree adapter which is only a few quidSo the moral of the story is.. just jump in both feet and it was always work out well in the end.

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    Who was the cashback deal with as i'm looking at getting some lenovo M73's this week.


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    I've just got a reasonable looking quote on some of these M73 units. I'm comparing them against quotes from Viglen and Stone (both of whom I already use) and they're coming out almost identical on price.
    Trouble is I have no experience of Lenovo's desktop range. Stacking up against similar USFF models, who is 'best' - Stone, Viglen, or Lenovo?
    Saying that, I'll probably have to go for Stone most likely, as uniformity across the fleet is something we're probably heading for.

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    +1 to Stone machines from me, we use them for all our curriulum computers and they're good builds, nice looking and decent in price too.

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    We've recently got a M73 Tiny Ultra-SSF in place here, getting this one ready for imaging/sysprep with the plan for 400 of them to replace almost every desktop in the academy.
    Fits nicely onto the back of the monitor. They are very good with regards to speed, packing a decent punch from the i3 model we've got. The brackets are second to none, sturdy metal construction which will almost certainly take up to the abuse the kids will throw at them. I wouldn't want anything else.
    I'd also point out that the people supplying them to us, @Millgate, sorted us out with exceptional service, helping us every step of the way.
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  6. Thanks to LincolnK from:

    Millgate (18th July 2014)

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    Everytime for me they're just so utterly bombproof

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