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General Chat Thread, Making the jump from Deputy to Network Manager in General; Need some advice on making the jump from a deputy NM to Network Manager. Want to make the move in ...
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    Making the jump from Deputy to Network Manager

    Need some advice on making the jump from a deputy NM to Network Manager.
    Want to make the move in the next 12 months and am after advice from current NM's or those who have done the same move in the past?

    What do I need to make this move?
    What skills?
    What experience?
    Biggest difference compared to deputy/senior tech?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Apologies if this thread has been done before.

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    biggest difference in my LA is that the NM carries a budgetary responsibility and manages other people.
    (Oh, and does all the quotes apparently - funny that )

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    This is really difficult to answer.

    You need to start from knowing about you. What experience an qualifications do you have? You say you are deputy NM now... how long have you been in this role? What have you learned since you have been in post? Do you have any experience of managing staff... or projects... or a budget... or a development plan? None of those three are essential experience, but it helps if you have them.

    Where do you want to work?. The staff management experience is less of an issue when you are loan NM at a primary for example. All those things I mentiined are an essential partof being a NM and experience counts more if your ambitions are to take on the NM role for even a small acadamy chain, for example, then if you want to be a small primary NM.

    Ask @witch to help you craft you cv and start looking for roles that will get you the next step up that you desire. In the meantime, if you get any opportunities to manage projects, staff, budgets or to develop a plan then grab the oportunity to learn and get the experience on your cv.
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    I came into a NM role from the 'real world' I had no real budget management experience but was operationally driven, for this role that's what they wanted - they knew the admin skills would come.

    A deputy NM would help out the NM, you would be given some help to learn new parts but expected to be able to hold the fort in his absence and be able to equally undertake out the important things he or she does.

    I personally think a willingness to learn and to show you have what it takes is enough, it's rare you're going to find someone making a step up that fits the bill exactly. This is what I looked for in technicians - for a deputy NM, I would've expected them to be up to speed quicker and able to get involved a bit quicker - and not to call me on my holidays

    They may have realistic expectations, they may not - NM (or deputy NM) isn't exactly a technical and managerial genius, it's someone who can do the job, learn and use resources to get things done.

    Good luck.
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    ICT Competencies Framework


    Basically to develop you create a plan to move skills and experience to the right. Part of moving up into the lead role is that you are responsible for ensuring the skills of your team members are also moving to the right.

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    It really depends on the school tbh, your first NM position is likely to be in a smaller school with maybe 1 technician, where NM will still be a very hands on role with a little bit of management. As you move up to bigger schools you tend to spend most of your time on management, strategy, policies, R&D with very little day to day technical work.
    If your in an Assistant NM role at the moment then your NM should be providing cpd to move get you in a position where you are capable of being a NM. As for other training, Microsoft qualms and Prince 2 are common things to do.
    You do need strong interpersonal skills and very broad shoulders, plus have to accept that it's no longer your job to be fixing problems etc, so if you are very hands on and that is the main aspect of the job you like, then the step up to NM won't always be what suits you.

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    Pretty much the same job, just remember to always be calm and take responsibility for things when they go wrong.

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